​​​​​​​​Does your child love to learn?  Does he soak up new ideas and information, seemingly effortlessly?  Is she eager for extra challenges and deeper experiences?  If so, gifted testing might be the key to opening some of those doors.

My name is Paige Frecker, and ​​I am a licensed school psychologist in private practice in Tampa and the surrounding areas of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk counties.  I have been working locally for fifteen years.  Prior to that I worked in northern Florida for eight years.  I am nationally certified through the National Association of School Psychologists.

As part of my services, I administer intelligence (IQ) tests that help eligible children qualify for the Gifted/AGP program in the public school system. 

For more information about the Gifted or AGP program in your county, please click on these links: 

Hillsborough County Gifted Program
Pinellas County Gifted Program
Pasco County Gifted Program
Polk County​​ Gifted Program

If you are a parent who might be interested in scheduling an evaluation for your child, please contact me by phone at #(813) 610-7905 or by email at

My phone may ring about 6-10 times before it goes to voicemail.  

​​​ You may also text me a question (although please be aware that texting is not the securest form of communication).  

I welcome families of all different backgrounds.  
**When considering private assessment, please note that all psychologists practicing privately in Florida must be licensed by the state.  Certification alone is not enough for private practice, even if the psychologist is employed by a public school system the rest of the time.   Also, be sure that the psychologist you work with is using current tests.  Tests become outdated and invalid approximately one year after a new version is released.

Please refer to my FAQs page for more information.   This page also includes links to other resources for Gifted children.

A. Paige Frecker, Ed.S., NCSP
School Psychologist
Florida License # SS715
National Certification # 33756​
Gifted Testing